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Pepero Day!

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The other day it was Pepero day here. It is like the Korean Valentines day.
Pepero looks like and tastes like the populair Japanese Pocky, both similar in taste to Cadbury fingers.
The reason why Pepero day is 11/11 is because Pepero are sticks and looks like one:s.

Lotte is a multinational food and shopping corporation with headquarters here and in Japan. They claim that their Pepero, launched 1983, is not even a slightly bit inspired by the Japanese Pocky, anno 1966. It is a very Korean style to kind of steal an idea and claim they invented it. As I understand you don’t get taught to think like an individual outside the box, so you can’t come up with your own ideas. Never call cherry blossom festival for Sakora, they invented Cherry blossom ;).

From the beginning the idea of giving each other packages of Pepero is to wish you to get tall and thin. To make the wish come true you should eat at least eleven packages. Today Peperoday is more to give to the one you love, or gesture t friends. This day was of course invented by Lotte.
If you are really in love you should share a Pepero like in “Lady and the Tramp”, so I wonder how many hit their nose when the cookie snaps.
If you are single and you fish out Pepero that are stuck togheter, that means luck and coming love. That you will soon get a boyfriend or a girlfriend. If you get many packages you have many admireres.
At the office I got some packed calories, with the wish for me to get fat ;). Also our great CEO sent office a beautiful packages with Peperos so I tried different types. Was great!



Yangje Flower city!

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Finaly I found a huge flower market in Seoul! It might not seem so exiting but it was amazing, a real adventure. So far I have only found tiny flower shops with flowers in strange pots and decorated with purple stones etc.  But now when I have moved I found out, after some Googeling, that in Yangje station not far from my home the biggest flower mall is located, Flower city! 
It's on SinBundang Line station "Yangjae Citizen's Forest", go out exit 4 and straight and you will soon see it on right hand side.
Here you can find all variation of flowers you can ever imaigen. Everything from amazing orchids to wonderfull flower bushes to water flowers. If you walk downstairs from the parking you will find the cut flower paradise.

I strolled around in the djungel to carefully select flowers for my new appartment. One project I have got intrested in is plant terrarium, but it wasen't easy to find what I was looking for since the green houses covers 12,000 square meters. Finally I found the pot deppartment and could start planning what plants to buy.


I have always loved flowers, in eight grade of school we could have one week practice in a real working place and I chose to work as a florist. Also as a kid we picked wild flowers and pretend to have a florist shop.
It is a really speciell muddy yet fresh smell in a floral shop and I love that smell as much as I love the chlorine smell in a swimming pool.

The other week I bought a chlorine spray, By misstake, that takes away and prevent mold so that is why it smells like that. So now when I have cleaned my appartment I yearn for jumping into a pool. 

After I came home it was time to plant and fix all I bought. This is the result and it turned out exactly as I wanted it to be. 

The terrarium is so sylish and keeps the clean finish of my appartment, still something green and living. The lillys smells great and always welcomes me home, they look very proper. It is fun to live in a showroom! 


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