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By the fith day here, I felt isolated. I wanted to get out and meet people and I needed to do it now!
I found this website called Meetup. There you regrister and choose what city you are in. After that you can choose what Meetup-group you wan't to joing in your city. There is all kind of activities and for everyone's taste. For example a board playing group, a fitnessgroup or why not a group to learn a new language. I'ts no end to it! Why diden't I find this group earlier, then I would have been a tourist back in Gothenburg and could have met with expats.

I got hooked to a group called The Seoul expat global meetup group (Aka expat group) organized by a wonderfull and enthusiastic man called Harry. My first meetup was with that group when we walked along the Cheonggyecheon stream, a man built, long beautiful channel passing through a part of Seoul. The best with this meetup was that I met Hyunjoo witch I have been hanging out with ever since.

                                         Me, Harry and Hyunjoo
Harry had many ideas over how our company Scandinique would find a printing, so the next time the expat group had a meetup I took Erik with me. This time we wen't to a resturant with an amazing sea buffet. I was so happy over all the nice fresh fish that was laid out. Futhermore I got to try king crab for the first time – now I understand what the fuss is about, really nice and special taste.


How to party in Seoul you learn by hanging with Hongdae & Itaewon Party group. Me and Erik wen't with the group to a party in Hongdae, the youth- and party district.
It turned out that in Seoul the subway stops going for the day around 11pm, but the clubs in Hongdae is opend to 6am so you can stay and party all night. That we almost did because we met a few great people, among others Sue-kim witch I also have been hanging out with ever since. We diden't have the energy to stay all night so we took a cab home. That cab ride cost us $2 so now we know that we really can afford to take a cab home whenever we want too! In Sweden same distance probably would have been $100.

After I had been in the city one and a half month working all the time I was longing to get out in natur and do something exiting. Therfore I joined Climbing in Korea, CIK, and wen't with them a early morning to paragliding site! It is one of the most amazing things I have been experienced, the pilot was steering and I was flying.

Feel the thrill:

After that we had lunch and then wen't to walk in the beautiful stalactite caves. I have been in those kind of caves before, like Europas biggest, the Postojna caves in Slovenia 2011 and those once is hard to beat. But what was still new to me was the fact that we had to climb in slippery steap staircases and cower down in low passages so that was thrilling. It was a really eventful day!

Me and Hyunjoo wen't with CIK, again for me, only three days later only to get to walk in the beautiful Saroksan mountains, the most famous in whole Korea. The spectacular thing was that the leaves was turning to autumn colors at that all of South korea wanted to come and see, that's why it was many peoples there. Mostly old people that tend to run down the stairs, I don't know were they got their energy from. But I enjoyed the trip anyway because around every corner it looked like a new scenery taken from Lord of the Rings. The whole hike took five houers and was a ruff start with steap climbing. I felt that I really have been sitting down and working for many weeks because my training ache after the trip dropped like four days later.

A few weeks ago I met Harry and his group again. This time it was a chicken and beer meetup and it was deliciouse!

There is plenty of more things to do togheter with Meetup, I'm looking forward too that!

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