There and back again

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This afternoon It's lift of, I'm flying back to Seoul after my stay in Sweden. I have had my three day's of leave this year and the rest of the time I have been working online since I've been in Sweden from 25th og July.

It was wonderfull to walk alone in a pineforest or eat a big steak, I appriciated Sweden even more when I have been gone for a year. To tell the truth I have avoided eating rice during my stay here. The city of Gothenburg is pure calmness compared to Seoul, a city I share with 20miljon others. 

Korea has much more to offer, that's why Im exited to go back because now I have seen that Sweden is the same. On Monday I will meet my wonderfull colleges again! I work as a graphic designer at a company that produces apps. Now I will start bloggning again. See you!

PS it is sunny and 25degrees in Seoul on Monday DS