The journey

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On 28th of August I took off from Sweden . Not knowing when I 'll see it again I gazed out of the airplane´s window onto the forests and the lakes until they disappeared in the clouds. Now I was finally on my way! I had packed my new large, orange suitcase. It is certainly not easy to put a girl's whole life in a luggage that could weigh not more than 30 kilo. With a large backpack as handluggage containing books and my flute plus a handbag with camera equipment and laptop plus computer bag , I managed to bring along the most important things . My winter clothes will be sent to me in a cardboard box as "Christmas present " .

I landed at Istanbul airport after three hours and during the trip I had amused myself by viewing a thunderstorm from above. There it was stuffy and people of all kinds, so I waited out my three hours on a plate bench at my gate . At 0:40 , we finally got to board the big plane to make our final leg in 10 hours . As always , there were many movies to watch and plenty to eat.

Arriving in South Korea at 17.30 local time , I went to the immigration counter. It was the toughest I have ever experienced, the queue was not long , but the time it took! I felt the sweat pouring in the heat where I stood in my warm outfit and all the bags. After 45 minutes , it was finally my turn and then I could pick up my luggage and go to the bathroom and slip in to something cooler. It was 30 degrees in Seoul and I had travelled in my heavy sweaters and high leather boots to slim the luggage .

I was greeted by my partner Eric and it was nice to see a well known face in a foreign country. He went a month earlier to Seoul to meet up with Minsung , who has helped us with translations and research. She left Aug. 14 for studies in the U.S. And I was not able to leave because I had a summer job.


But now we stood there in Seoul together and went back to "our neighborhood " ! We wouldn´t get access to our rented apartments in three days. Erik lived right now in the right house , but in the wrong apartment and there was no place for me. Erik had arranged a room with a lady a little bit away who just rented out to girls. There I got to sleep on the floor Korean style in an unadorned room , but it was only to adapt.

After a much needed shower it was already late at night, but we were hungry and went to a traditional Korean BBQ nearby. A grill is integrated into the table, and you ger meat and a lot of sidedishes. You grill the meat and put in a lettuce leaf with the trimmings and put it in your mouth. Very popular activity here in Seoul !

After that I was tired and we parted and I went home to my hard mattress . Jet lag does not exist for me, so I fell asleep at once. My last thought was: Now I'm actually here.

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