Let's talk beauty, a first impression

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What is so striking here is that every girl and woman is incredibly beautiful and very sophisticated dressed in skirts, high heels and silk blouses. They look like the picture above. They have long hair, beautiful faces and slim waists. I can admit that I didn´t expect everyone to look like that so I was surprised. I felt uncomfortable the first few days surrounded by little dainty and incredibly slim beautiful girls. But I must not forget that it is I who is regarded as exotic with my blonde hair and blue eyes. So now I am used to the street scenes and feel comfortable.

In fact, plastic surgery is very common here. There is a lot of advertising for it everywhere. They operate their Asian narrow eyes, make their noses smaller and ajust their jawbones to get a narrow face to look more "western". It is almost expected that a girl gets an operation from the parents as a graduation gift! It's really a problem that the beauty ideal is westernized when you are born Asian.

If you are a Korean girl friends often question why you are still so thick and why you have not fixed your nose. It may seem absurd to us, but for Koreans, it is part of their modern culture and they do not think there's anything wrong with that.

Of course there is a lot of beauty products and just like the Chinese they are trying to find new ways to beauty. I haven´t seen any products made of tigerbones yet, but I  believe they exist. The latest and trendiest means of beauty is slime from snails. It is a trend that comes from Japan. I see a lot of advertising for it in anti-wrinkle creams. The advertisement below is really clever. Yeah, who knows, maybe it works. Why not have a snail on the eye?


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