Holli Hai Busan 2015

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Some month has passed since Thailand.  This time March I joined a trip to the eastcoast town Busan. Koreas second biggest city, with all the beaches.
We went there for the Indian Holli Hai festival, celebrating returning of spring and  love. We went there the day before the festival because that would take place so early next day.

Unfortunately the bus we wen't with was full with people whom diden't mind long bus breaks, the bus took seven houers! Me and my friend decided that we would definetly take the fast KTX express train home after the weekend. But we did manage a quick visit to the cool temple by the sea before dinner, upon arrival. 

Anyway, I went with my neighbours from Gangnam that have been the gang I have been partying with since I moved to here in October,  i relized I diden't blog about them before, even though it feels like we meet all the time. We having a great time always! It's my new family, anytime we have dinner togheter ^^.

We began early on the biggest Hundae beach at 11, recived our color and hat. I let the pictures speak for themselves. But the craziness was great fun!

And also put togheter this movie for you to watch, join in!




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