Dental care

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I have started doing the same as my colleagues, brushing my teeths after lunch.
Something as common as dental hygiene is different here and seems to be bigger than
in Sweden. People are carrying around small bottles of flour and in some of the resturants
the staff have their toothbrush on the resturants toilet in a mug.
It is strange that Sweden haven't got this kind of tradition, after all in school a lady with flour came visiting so we could use it. So it is strange since Sweden is in leading in dental care, we have invented alot such as tooth plastic filling. That is why the koren dentists I have met, all been to conventions in Sweden.
But they still work in a completly diffrent way, once a dentist to my horror wanted to put crowns over eight of my teeths. Another one wanted to fill a cavity in my tooth with amalgam, yes you heard right, the mixture that destroyed most tooths in the 50s.
During the physical your eyes will be coverd.

Despite this brushing tooth tradition it seems older men eat half a pack of garlic clovers in the mornings and walk straight into the subway. Mybe dental hygien is something only the new generation is doing.

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