Chuseok 2, Gyeongbok-gung palace

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Located in Seoul is Gyeongbok-gung, the biggest palace in the city witch was the seat of the emperor until the japanese invasion 1592 and everything was destroyed. But it was rebuild in the 1900s.

It was the second day of Chuseok and me and Erik wen't there togheter with another friend Zue. The entry as free this day, wich alot of other people also had discoverd.
The change of guards was going on when we arrived, a colorfull parade with swaying flags and exotic music.

After we finished looking we started to explor the area, that investigation took four houers since the area is so gigantig and it was also 35degrees this day. It was impressive to see the thrown hall of the emperor, the queens chambers, the feast hous and everything else that the palace had to offer

It was also impressive to yet again see parents letting their children wear the thick Hanbo, tarditionell korean clothing, for just going out on sightseeing.

The roofs all over the palaces was painted in beutiful and really colorfull patterns.
The garden was like from a fairytale with beautiful trees and a small lake with koifishes and a house in the middle on a small island.

Always the mountins enthroend in the background so the tour was amazing. I will return, but probably when I have more water and a picknick with me.

We ended up in Insa-dong again to eat traditionell korean food.
Afterwards we wen't to a bar were I got to try bamboo wine for the first time. It was suprisingly sweet and I have never heard of it before. But I guess if you can make liqure out of potato, you can probably make liqure out of everything.



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